Can I cancel my order?

Yes, prior to shipping any order can be cancelled by the patron at no cost.

Are there any age restrictions for placing an order?

You must be at least 18 to order any product from us. Some items contained on this website may be illegal in your area for possession by those under 21. It is your responsibility to check all local laws concerning the ownership, use and possession of any item on this website. By placing an order, you agree that you are of legal age, that you have read our terms & conditions, and that you take full responsibility for obeying all federal, state and local laws, restrictions, and regulations!

Can I return an order that I've received?

You have 7 days, after receiving this product, to notify us of any returns. Returns will not be authorized unless we are notified either by phone or e-mail. Any return, other than defective or damaged merchandise, will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please report defective or damaged goods immediately.

How can I get help from support?

You can contact support at (phone, email) or fill out our contact for here. Please all (fill in details) for us to return your request.