Clan MacLachlan Targe.
(Historical Replica)

Allow 6-8 weeks to build and ship. If faster delivery is required, please contact by E-Mail.

A Spike is optional, Please specify spike through a separate e-mail, otherwise no spike will be sent. An Extra $30.00 for Spike is required.

The Targe, decorated round leather covered wooden disc, was the shield of the Scots. The design on the targe was specific to his clan, just like the tartan of his kilt. This Clan MacLachlan Targe design has been historically researched. The original is from a painting at the Royal Academy of Art in London, England. The shield is leather covered, front and back, adorned with the solid brass studs, brass plates and dome.


19 ½" Diameter.
3/4" Thick Wood.
Rear handles are made of 1/4" thick leather.
Weight:  7 lbs.

MacLachlan Targe
MacLachlanTarge Kit