Robert the Bruce Brass Claymore.
(Historical Replica)

The Robert the Bruce Brass Claymore is based on a 16th century museum piece and combines great size with graceful lines. The Claymore was used with devastating effect by highlanders of old. Unlike other claymores, this one combines a brown leather covered handle and ricasso with brass accents to give it the noble look required by Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. The diamond shaped quillions found on many period pieces and leather wrapped ricasso, a feature found on many larger two handed swords, provided extra leverage in close combat situations. If you wish to carry this sword slung on the back, the Claymore matches perfectly with our 13Z1038 Black or Brown back scabbard on our Accoutrements page.

There is No scabbard available for this sword.


Blade length:  41 ½".

Handle/Hilt length:  15".

Overall:  56 ½".
Blade: High Carbon Spring Steel.
Weight:  8 lbs. 14 ozs.

Price $329.00
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