Long Spiked Flail.
(Historical Replica)

Atop a mount or on the ground, this 12th C. Long Spiked Flail can rap over a shield or "reach out and touch someone". In the Bavarian mountains there is a small workshop with dirt floors hardened from centuries of toil. Inside a single "Metalschmeide" (metal smith) produces and repairs medieval weapons for the castles in Germany with the same techniques passed from generation to generation for over 500 years. Own a true museum quality spiked flail which is styled after the actual items found in "digs" under and around the castles in Europe. This hand-crafted flail features a blackened steel ball with spikes over 2 1/2" long attached to a blackened chain which is linked inside a hand wrought blackened steel bar. This bar is secured to a seared wood handle with handmade nails.
There is no scabbard provided.


Handle Length:  18".
Chain Length:  30".
Overall Length:  48".

Head: Wrought Iron Spiked Ball
Weight:  3 lbs. 3 ozs.

Price $129.00 Long Spiked Flail
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