Anjour Double Headed Battle Axe
Limited Edition
There is no scabbard provided.

While scholars debate whether double headed axes exsisted in history or not, the Anjour Double Headed Battle Axe is a must for collectors of fine Axes. This axe is crafted to match the Anjour sword and dagger. Handmade, forged and tempered 1060 high carbon steel with a highly polished head and leather wrapped hardwood handle with polished steel bands makes this a functional as well as beautiful. Hit either blade with your finger knuckle and listen to it sing, just like a tuning fork.
The special handle design prevents the ax head from sliding down the handle or flying off.

This Axe is a limited edition, each axe individually numbered, with a total production run of 400 units worldwide.
The Anjour line has been retired as of Aug., 2003 and we only have 2 pieces left
As of 09/01/06

Blade length:  2 -14" Blades.
Overall:  38".

Head: Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel

Weight:  6 lbs. 2 ozs.
Anjour Double
Headed Axe